Inauguration of the new building of Malumghat Christian Hospital in a colorful setting

Inauguration of the new building of Malumghat Christian Hospital in a colorful setting

Sayedee akbor faisal:

The inauguration of the newly-constructed building of Malumghat Christian Hospital in Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar, began on the afternoon of February 26.
General Chat LoungCox’s Bazar Sadar Municipality Mayor Mujibur Rahman, Chakria Upazila Chairman Alhaj Fazlul Karim Sayedi, Chakaria Upazila Executive Officer Nuruddin Mohammad shibili Noman, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Kazi motiul Islam. were present as guests at the inauguration of the new building Chakoria Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mo,habibur Rahman, OC Investigation AKM Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, former Chakoria Upazila Chairman Rezaul Karim, Dulahazara Degree College Principal Farid Uddin Chowdhury,
dulahajara up chairman Alhaj nurul amin,up awamilig president alhaj jamal hossain, up panel chairman Shawkat Ali and some lawyers of the district and upazilas, freedom fighters, electronic and print media (journalists) and all the employees of the hospital, Christian religious community and people of the area delegates and invited guest heads. Dr. Nathan Prebison, Director of the Hospital, Global Nevers (USA), Paul Divers, Across Badgers (Canada) Maine Buma, Chairman Association of Special Boom Archival, Executive Director, welcomed the guests Khorshed Alam, Chairman of the Hospital Surgical Department, Dr. Stephen Kelly, Hospital Project Engineer Daley Divers, Interim Administrator Sosan Idzi and Hospital Contractor Mohammad Badrul Hasan Milki.
General Chat Chat LoungJoseph Amali Roy, the local administrative officer of the hospital, performed the ceremony.
The newly constructed 4-storey Aninda Sundar Hospital has been constructed at a cost of Tk. 25 million only. The life expectancy at this hospital will be one and a half to two hundred yearsWherever helicopters can join, he can fly to the hospital. Here, all the area illuminated by its own generator except the current and controlled by the CC camera. In this case, the hospital will be converted to a medical college hospital. General Chat Chat LoungIt is also committed to providing modernized medical care. In addition, a cultural event was organized.

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